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Dave Bindewald

Founder & director

Dave's training in Education, Theology, Psychology, and Philosophy have led him to a fascination with the power of curiosity to unlock potential in people and organizations. His experiences with the Center have convinced him that human life and work can be an act of playful exploration. He loves old couples, being surprised, and the rock and roll. 

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Dr. evonne baldauff

board president

Evonne is Chairperson of the Chemistry and Forensic Science Department at Waynesburg University.  As an educator she decidedly attempts to promote learning by engaging students in research and service in addition to the traditional classroom experience.  She and her research students are currently attempting to understand why coffee tastes so good —  from a chemical perspective.  At home, Evonne spends a lot of time in her kitchen, cooking or baking for her husband, son, and friends.

Dr. Andrea Synowiec Bio Pic.jpg

dr. andrea synowiec

Andrea is a practicing Neurologist and Clinical Neurophysiologist at Allegheny General Hospital and an Assistant Professor of Neurology at Drexel University. A small part of her job is boring and the rest of it keeps her up at night, hoping, dreaming, and praying for insight into the electrochemical mysteries of the human brain.  She loves high-fiving her octogenarian patients and teaching her residents how to make neuroscience puns.

Damon JPro.jpg

Damon lewis

Damon is the Senior Manager of Assessments for Lincoln Learning Solutions where he manages assessment item writers for online courses being used in public and private schools, home schools, and charter schools nationwide and internationally. He is passionate about creating assessments that will identify subject matter mastery in new and innovative ways. As a veteran educator, teacher, and coach, Damon leverages teamwork and perseverance to instill in students and athletes a strong work ethic, a freedom to try new things, and the ability to both fail and succeed well.

Mark DeJohn JPro.jpg

Mark dejohn

Mark DeJohn is a husband, father, and a professional geologist who works as an environmental consultant with Michael Baker International here in Pittsburgh, PA.  He enjoys exploring this wonderful world and sometimes actually gets paid to do it.  He also enjoys playing around with his family, but never gets paid to do that.

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sam sandora

Sam is a writer, producer, and Emmy-nominated director who has worked in show business for over 35 years.  He is a member of the Writer’s Guild of America, West and the Directors Guild of America, working on television shows and specials for numerous networks. Most of his work has been in comedy and children’s programming. Sam is the General Manager of 3 Rivers Studios-a movie and television commercial production facility.


dr. brandon szuminsky

Brandon is an Assistant Professor of Journalism at Baldwin Wallace University who believes a well-lived life is one devoted to the noble virtue of inquisitiveness. He’s constantly asking questions, which he insists makes him a good journalist, but his mom swears just makes him "nebby" (that's yinzer for "nosey" for all you non-Pittsburghers out there).